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Duplika protects its DNS infrastructure with Cloudflare's DNS Firewall service.

Key Results
6.5 Tb bandwidth saved every month
Less than 1 second page load time
Over 80% of requests are served directly from edgeside cache

Duplika is a premium web hosting provider for clients in Argentina, Mexico and Spain. With 10 years in the market, Duplika maintains itself as a nimble, quality-oriented family business that aims to constantly improve its product and stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Since enlisting Cloudfare’s services, Duplika has become a partner and reseller of Cloudfare’s products, offering free and paid plans to their customers. Duplika runs its DNS Infrastructure behind Cloudfare’s DNS Firewall service.

Duplika's Challenges: DDoS Mitigation for DNS

In July 2015 Duplika was hit with a massive DDoS attack on their DNS servers that took their services offine for 72 hours. After that attack, Juan Zolezzi, CEO of Duplika, started researching the best solutions for improved DDoS mitigation in order to ensure that his customers never experienced a disruption of service like that again.

Enter Cloudflare:

Cloudflare stood out to Duplika in 2 main ways: first, by providing its unique DNS Firewall service, and second, by the global presence of its Content Deliver Network (CDN) including a large and expanding presence in Latin America where Duplika and most of their customers are based. Furthermore, Duplika enjoyed that setting up Cloudflare was a fast and painless process that quickly brought protection to Duplika’s DNS. In Zolezzi’s words he chose Cloudflare because of the “efficiency and quick integration that enabled us to protect our DNS with DNS Firewall.”

Deep Dive: DNS Firewall

Zolezzi chose Cloudflare’s DNS Firewall because it offered the ability for Duplika to protect its DNS servers against DDoS attacks without having to change a line of code to complete the integration. Cloudflare’s DNS Firewall service adds a layer of protection between origin name servers and web users by proxying DNS traffic and masking origin IP addresses. Because the origin name server IP addresses are masked by Cloudflare, attackers can’t discover IP addresses of Duplika’s DNS Infrastructure to aim DDoS attacks at, like they did during Duplika’s problematic attack. DNS Firewall also offers performance benefits because DNS responses are cached at and served from each of Cloudflare’s over 118 Data Centers. Since using Cloudflare’s DNS Firewall service, Zolezzi noted that “our DNS infrastructure has been safe and we’ve been able to keep providing our 99.9% uptime guarantee.”

Unexpected Benefit: Global Content Delivery Network

Though Duplika’s primary requirement was protection for its DNS, Duplika and their customers have enjoyed remarkable bandwidth savings and page load time improvements thanks to the Latin America Data Centers of Cloudflare’s Global CDN. During an average month Duplika saves 6.5Tb of bandwidth and the Duplika site now loads in less than one second thanks to Cloudflare’s edge-side caching. Their customers have enjoyed similar performance gains thanks to the proximity of Cloudflare’s Data Centers in Latin America. What’s more, Cloudflare’s focus on network expansion means these performance gains will only continue to grow. Zolezzi noted that Cloudflare’s service “has enabled us to keep growing without worrying about attacks to our DNS infrastructure. Your services have also given our clients a chance to reduce their bandwidth usage, and make their sites load faster.”

Duplika's bandwidth savings
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“Your protection has enabled us to keep growing without worrying about attacks to our DNS infrastructure. Your services have also given our clients a chance to reduce their bandwidth usage, and make their sites load faster.”

-Juan Zolezzi, CEO