Critical Infrastructure Defense Project

Cloudflare and partners are providing no-cost, comprehensive cyber protections for US critical infrastructure

This project is designed to enhance defenses against key areas of enterprise risk and eligible organizations will have access to the full suite of Cloudflare Zero Trust solutions, endpoint protection and intelligence services from CrowdStrike, and Zero Trust identity solutions from Ping Identity. This project, in collaboration with core partners across the public sector, will also offer an easy-to-follow roadmap that businesses in any industry can use to implement step-by-step security measures to defend themselves from cyberattack.

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Critical Infrastructure Defence Transparent

Partnership Overview

Leading Zero Trust cyber security providers have partnered to launch the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project (CIDP). Our goal is to quickly improve the cyber readiness of vulnerable infrastructure in US critical industries — hospitals, energy utilities, and water utilities — by providing eligible organizations free services and support. The combination of cyber security capabilities offered by the project enables a robust Zero Trust defense-in-depth approach that can be implemented quickly.


Quick deployment

All products are designed to be deployed in hours, not days.

Cost and eligibility

These services are available at no cost for the next four months to organizations in the at-risk industries of healthcare and water and power utilities.

Guided onboarding

Cloudflare, CrowdStrike, and Ping Identity will each provide 1-1 guided onboarding to organizations supported by the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project.

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