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Expanded monitoring and single-pane-of-glass management with New Relic and Cloudflare

As a leader in observability, New Relic empowers engineers with a data-driven approach to planning, building, deploying, and running great software. New Relic delivers the only unified data platform that empowers engineers to get all telemetry — metrics, events, logs, and traces — paired with the most powerful full stack analysis tools to help engineers get past the ‘what’ to uncover the ‘why’. Delivered through the industry’s only consumption pricing that’s intuitive and predictable, New Relic gives engineers more value for the money by helping improve planning cycle times, decrease change failure rates, accelerate release frequency, and reduce mean time to resolution.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare customers can now push their logs directly to New Relic for comprehensive visibility into all of the endpoints, systems, and operations running internally. This integration ensures that mutual customers will no longer require any middleware to get their Cloudflare data into New Relic, resulting in faster log delivery and lower costs.

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Learn how to enable our New Relic integration with the Cloudflare quickstart.


Monitoring and alerting

Use New Relic’s monitoring and alerting features to alert you on events you specify. Monitor your websites using the pre-built dashboard or customize your own.

Complete visibility

New Relic ingests the full scope of Cloudflare logs, providing comprehensive visibility into events and trends on your websites and applications.

Ease-of-use and simple setup

Get started with just a few clicks by adding your Cloudflare account information and API key in New Relic.

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Get full observability into your Cloudflare logs with New Relic

Learn about Cloudflare’s integration with New Relic in this blog post about our Analytics partnerships expansion.

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A faster and cheaper way to send log insights to New Relic with the Cloudflare Logpush integration

Learn more about our partnership and get full instructions to set up the integration and quickstart.

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Solution & Product Guides

Enable Logpush to New Relic

Discover how to enable Logpush directly to New Relic via the Cloudflare dashboard or via API.

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How to Monitor CDN performance with New Relic integrations

Install quickstarts to help troubleshoot your content delivery network in minutes.

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Solution & Product Guides

Monitor CDN performance with Cloudflare Logpush

Learn how to send your Cloudflare log data to New Relic with the Cloudflare Network Logs quickstart integration.

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