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Protect patient data, accelerate performance, and offer employees and third parties secure access to internal systems with Cloudflare.

Project Fair Shot helps protect vaccine registration sites from crashing

Cloudflare's new Waiting Room service helps protect vaccine registration sites from crashing. Project Fair Shot provides Waiting Room for free to any government, municipality, hospital, pharmacy, or other organization responsible for distributing COVID-19 vaccines. It is open to eligible organizations around the world and will remain free until at least July 1, 2023, or longer if there is still more demand for appointments for the vaccine than there is supply.

You can apply by visiting:

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Why do healthcare organizations choose Cloudflare?

Patient data privacy

Healthcare organizations need to be extremely vigilant about the privacy of personal health information. Cloudflare’s network and all of our products are built with data privacy in mind.

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Mitigate DDoS attacks

Your network enables you to deliver patients the care they need. Protect it with Cloudflare and mitigate DDoS attacks as close to the source as possible, for faster response time.

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Lower operational costs

Continue to innovate how your organization delivers care while lowering operational costs with consolidated network and security services from Cloudflare.

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Secure access for remote workforce

Give physicians, administrators, developers, and contractors secure and streamlined access to internal systems.

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Integrated security and performance

Telemedicine providers need to maintain the security, performance, and availability of their virtual health platforms, even during periods of peak activity.

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Protect patient data from malicious bots

Accurately identify bots by applying behavioral analysis, machine learning and fingerprinting to a diverse and vast volume of globally distributed data.

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Product demos

Learn more about Cloudflare’s products and features, including the Cloudflare WAF, Cloudflare Zero Trust, and Cloudflare Bot Management via our product demo videos.

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Customer case studies

See how other healthcare organizations use Cloudflare.

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