Streamline data compliance, minimize risk

A composable platform that helps enterprises streamline compliance with extensible security controls across systems that help you connect, protect and build.

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Compliance challenges with point and legacy security solutions.

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Manual processes create complexity, introduce risk, and slow down the business. This further leads to security and performance tradeoffs, drives up TCO, and limits the success of compliance programs.

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Multiple siloed and homegrown tools for data protection, security, sovereignty, and privacy

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High risk

Manual process to collate logs and meet audit requirements across disparate toolsets lead to compliance gaps

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Poor user experience

Slow app performance due to data localization constraint


A composable way to streamline compliance and manage evolving risk

A composable way to streamline compliance and manage evolving risk - infographic

Compliance and security leaders can streamline compliance with one control plane and composable security controls via Cloudflare's connectivity cloud.

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A composable way to streamline compliance and manage evolving risk - infographic
Minimize risk, streamline compliance
Reduce total cost of ownership

Cloudflare can reduce TCO by up to 50%.

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Minimize risk

Cloudflare can reduce policy and compliance risk by up to 50%.

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Improve experience & performance

Performance is improved by 50% without making security tradeoffs.

Protect data, streamline audits, and reduce risk with Cloudflare

reduced likelihood and related costs of data breach*


reduction on annual cyber insurance premiums*


reduced time spent on managing systems/processes*

Global leaders, including 30% of the Fortune 1000, rely on Cloudflare

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The Cloudflare connectivity cloud is built for compliance

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Architected for data compliance

Apply, configure, and extend consistent controls across locations, users, apps (web, SaaS, and private), and infrastructure — wherever you need. Meet regulatory requirements as soon as they are set with composable controls.

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Unified policy engine across environments

Write rules once from a single control plane acting as a unified policy engine and apply them everywhere. Provide consistent data protection and security policies across environments.

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Sovereignty without performance drawbacks

Enables you to meet data localization requirements seen within compliance standards like FedRAMP and GDPR. Send logs directly from our edge to a preferred SIEM or Cloud destination bypassing core EU or US PoPs.

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Satisfy audits with intelligent reporting

Leverage our unique, mass-scale visibility into internet traffic to auto-identify and defend against novel threats. Enforce with low latency, close to users, apps, and infrastructure.

Flo, the leading women’s health app, helps safeguard,
customer data with Cloudflare

When it comes to securing customer data, there’s nothing that requires more vigilance than personal health.

That’s why Flo Health, the leading women’s health app, has made security and privacy core to the company’s mission — and why it chose Cloudflare to provide an extra layer of protection.

“At Flo, we firmly believe that every woman deserves the right to track their health without concern. It is the responsibility of every women's health app to commit to high privacy and security standards, and thanks to Cloudflare's suite of products, we are able to offer a deeper level of protection for our users' data."