This video features Stefan Farr, Principal Security Architect at Flutter Entertainment

Stefan Farr: Flutter Entertainment is a holding company of many online gaming companies - responsible for the Paddy Power and Betfair brands.

At heart, we are a technology company operating in a very dynamic financial market. We handle lots of transactions - people’s assets and personal information, and we take that role very seriously.

We had a very extensive credential-stuffing attack. 70-90% of all our traffic was classified as malicious traffic. After using Cloudflare Bot Management, we managed to drive down, in certain situations, up to 90% the rate of these events, and that obviously meant a great deal from a financial perspective from us. Probably more than 2 million pounds per year.

For us, Bot Management and the Bot Score gives us great visibility into the nature of the visitor. We really love that it gives us a sense of control.

The Cloudflare team was there for us in every way. What we really loved about it is how deeply technical they were. They helped us debug a lot of very complicated situations.

Cloudflare is the biggest and most cost-effective security upgrade that you can take in the shortest period of time.