2024 API Security & Management Report

Discover API security, performance, and management trends based on worldwide API traffic processed by Cloudflare - one of the world's largest networks


Global API traffic data from the leading connectivity cloud

APIs — the programmable interfaces comprising over half (57%) of Internet traffic — are highly complex to manage and protect against abuse. Read about the risk of shadow APIs and other API threats, attack mitigation techniques, and other trends throughout the API-centric world.


The state of API security and management

The State of API Security and Management

APIs fuel countless business advantages, but vulnerable APIs can lead to data exposure, compliance failure, and other threats. Watch out for these API trends.

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The State of API Security and Management

Protect APIs as they drive business

Learn more about Cloudflare’s API discovery, OWASP API Top 10 protection, mutual TLS, and protecting APIs without compromising innovation.