Cloudflare Waiting Room

A virtual waiting room to manage peak traffic

Sudden increases in traffic can overwhelm your applications and infrastructure, leading to slow performance or complete disruption to your online presence.

Cloudflare Waiting Room allows organizations to route excess users to a custom-branded waiting room, helping preserve the customer experience and protecting origin servers from being overwhelmed with requests.

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Stay online

Protect your application from legitimate traffic surges and ensure you are able to scale to meet high demand.

Reduce your infrastructure costs

Eliminate costs associated with maintaining additional servers and purchasing extra bandwidth to serve peak traffic.

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Deliver a consistent brand experience

Waiting Room acts as an extension of your brand, ensuring that users get a seamless online experience even while waiting.


Create queues to gracefully manage user traffic

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Waiting Room keeps wait times low by dynamically managing traffic. As soon as a user leaves an application or their cookie expires, a new user is let in.

You can set activation thresholds based on incoming rate of traffic or total active users. Admit queued visitors using multiple queuing options — first-in-first-out, random, or lottery.

Illustration depicting users entering an application from the waiting room.

Learn about strategies for handling traffic spikes and bot attacks

What our customers are saying

"If we are hosting a game that is very popular, and we end up getting hundreds of thousands more users than anticipated, we know that our infrastructure will have time to scale, thanks to Cloudflare Waiting Room."

CEO — FanHero

Top Waiting Room use cases

Cloudflare Waiting Room ensures that applications remain available and usable even when demand surges to unexpected levels.

Reduce cart abandonment rate

Ensure that your online transactions are not impacted by downtime or slow application performance during peak traffic hours.

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Holiday traffic and special events

Prevent your infrastructure from becoming overwhelmed when traffic surges during holidays and events.

Product launches and limited time sales

Ensure users can still access and use your website even during periods of extremely high traffic.

Helping organizations worldwide manage user queues

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