Benefit from more flexibility and on-demand, secure connections with Megaport and Cloudflare

Megaport is a leading provider of Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions. The company’s global Software Defined Network (SDN) helps businesses rapidly connect their network to services via an easy-to-use portal or our open API. Megaport offers agile networking capabilities that reduce operating costs and increase speed to market compared to traditional networking solutions.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare’s partnership with Megaport allows mutual customers to connect privately at Layer 2, without requiring added physical cabling. Customers simply order a port and virtual connection through the Megaport portal, and the Megaport platform establishes the connection to all Cloudflare’s services while maintaining connectivity to customers’ traditional cloud provider.


Reliable and consistent

Dedicated, high-capacity link ensures the performance is reliable and consistent when compared to the public Internet; select speeds from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps and scale from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps based on workload.

Private and secure

The highest level of protection with private, secure layer 2 links into the Cloudflare network.

Software defined

On-demand provisioning with user controlled scalability. Connect at sub-rate speeds to avoid idle capacity and wasted costs.

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Announcing Network Interconnect Partnerships

Learn how Cloudflare partnered with Megaport in this Network Interconnection partnerships announcement blog post.

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Configuring Interconnections with Megaport

Read more about how to configure interconnections with Megaport and how to create a VXC with a service key.

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Megaport Partner Brief

Read about how Cloudflare partners with Megaport and how you can benefit from this partnership.

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