Manage multi-cloud or hybrid platforms


Get intergrated security and performance, a unified control plane, consistent security, and more with cloud services.


Make multi-cloud simple

Don’t get locked in. Cloudflare keeps your options open — across public, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

Reduce data transfer fees

Bandwidth Alliance — a group of innovative cloud and networking companies — is committed to discounting or waiving data transfer fees for shared customers.

Protect with strong encryption

Cloudflare partners with SaaS Providers to make encryption easy so your customers have more confidence than ever, knowing their data is safe.

Enable multi-cloud

Enforce consistent policies across multiple clouds, get visibility across your entire network infrastructure, and balance workloads across separate public / private clouds utilizing:

  • Cloudflare Multi-cloud

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Enable SSL for SaaS applications

Protect customers’ data with strong encryption utilizing:

  • Cloudflare SSL

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Reduce cloud data transfers

Our partners have all committed to discounting their customers' data transfer fees utilizing:

  • Bandwidth Alliance

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Cloudflare enables secure shopping worldwide for SHOPYY’s ecommerce customers with cloud services.

Upgrading from a self-built platform to a mature cloud offering

As SHOPYY's user base grew, their self-built system was no longer able to handle the influx of traffic and management of SSL certificates became cumbersome. When a large number of user access requests reached the server at one time, the system often crashed.

Cloudflare now manages the entire process, from private key creation and protection to domain validation, issuance, renewal and re-issuance. Cut operational and maintenance costs by 60% and 4.09 million malicious attacks were blocked in the first 30 days.

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“After implementing Cloudflare, our page load times in Los Angeles, one of our areas with the most customers, decreased by 94%.

This improvement has led to an enhanced customer experience and greater customer loyalty.”

Yuanming Chen • Founder / CTO

Why use Cloudflare for multi-cloud?

Multi-cloud made simple with Cloudflare. A unified control plane for keeping your deployment options open — across public, multi-cloud, hybrid, on-premise, or SaaS deployments

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How does cloud security work?

Modernize how you secure user-to-application access. Learn how the right cloud security strategy can largely offset risks.

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What is hybrid cloud?

Learn what 'hybrid cloud' means. Explore the different types of cloud environments, the difference between multi-cloud vs. hybrid cloud, and the pros and cons of hybrid clouds.

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