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May 9: "Growing Concerns in Application Security: What's the Next Challenge?" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Director of Product Management, Michael Tremante
How to prioritize? What to prioritize? These are never-ending questions that afflict every security professional these days. With application security evolving quickly, it's often hard to know what should be a top priority. Come hear Michael Tremante share his insights (backed by Cloudflare data) about the security trends he’s seeing. Find out what we’re prioritizing so that you can see how these insights map to your organization’s goals and objectives.
May 24: "Reduce Your Cloud Spend: How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Hidden Fees" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Director of Product Marketing, Dawn Parzych
We’ve all heard the schpiel, “Moving to the cloud is a great way to save money,” yada, yada, yada. The reality is that cloud spend is filled with many hidden costs (as you’ve no doubt discovered or heard horror stories about). Ka-Ching! As your company grows and/or your product becomes more viral, so does your cloud bill - And these excessive cloud bills can be damaging - hindering innovation, limiting architectural decisions, and diverting critical $$ away from other areas needing investment. During this Meetup, Dawn will share her insights related to cloud spend, including:
  • How you can reduce egress fees
  • Whether multi-cloud architectures can reduce spend or increase it
  • Does vendor consolidation really saves money
June 14: "Beyond the Hype - How to Put Zero Trust Principals into Action" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Director of Product Management, Corey Mahan
Like AI, Zero Trust is one of those ‘cool’ techie terms that gets readily thrown around often by folks who don’t know what they’re talking about. As such, it can mean different things depending on your vantage point. Here’s an opportunity to clarify! If you missed the first go-around of this session, you're in luck! Corey's back to talk about how the principles, concepts, and ideas behind a Zero Trust world can be put into action, no matter where you are in your journey. This session will focus on practical, real-world examples of how network, security and IT teams can get started.
During this conversation, we'll discuss:
  • What does Zero Trust really mean?
  • Zero Trust is not a product, it’s a security strategy. As a practitioner, how does this influence solution design and engineering?
  • Getting started with Zero Trust modernization and what Cloudflare has seen work well, and where others have struggled most.
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