Innovator Spotlights

Cloudflare users like you share their story


Kasper Purunen, Engineering Manager at Bannerflow, shares how the Swedish SaaS platform benefits from Cloudflare's ease of use and fast delivery speeds

Campaign Genius

Matthew Dunn, founder and CTO of Campaign Genius speaks to the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness from shifting web apps to the edge with Cloudflare

Chainshot Filmproduktion

Florian Klaes, film producer at Chainshot Filmproduktion in Germany, shares his experience using Cloudflare Stream to accelerate the performance of his website and deliver a pleasant experience for prospects viewing video content

Doll Divine

Founder of, Ola Rogula, shares how using Cloudflare is like having a whole web team without actually having one

Giobi Fasoli

Hear from Giobi Fasoli from, a freelance web developer in Italy on how easy it is to quickly configure domains with Cloudflare


David Schwed, COO of Halborn, shares how they use Cloudflare to increase the performance of their site and defend against bad actors

Happy Cog

Matt Weinberg, President of Technology at Happy Cog, shares how Cloudflare helps them support major clients like ProPublica

Jeff Powell

Jeff Powell runs his personal website with Cloudflare and enjoys the high availability, performance and savings on egress costs


Hear from Gerrit Schumann, CEO of mogenius on how the company has integrated Cloudflare in their cloud infrastructure for optimal security and performance


Jonathan Leigh at Moneybox, an award-winning digital wealth manager, shares his experience with Cloudflare Zero Trust


Raphaël Tremblay-Bouchard, Product Owner at MonsieurChalets shares how Cloudflare helped him to increase site speed and bookings

New York Road Runners

Diego Marin from New York Road Runners, the organization behind the New York City Marathon, shares his experience with Cloudflare Zero Trust


James Ross, CTO of Nodecraft, shares how his team uses Cloudflare Workers to rapidly develop and deploy applications faster than ever before


Nitesh Goel, CEO of Padlet, shares how they simplify video delivery with Cloudflare Stream


Hear from Michael Young, Founder of StudyHall, on how he uses Cloudflare to accelerate the web production process and secure StudyHall from attacks


Supabase engineer, Inian Parameshwaran, shares their journey as they grew from solely being a Cloudflare DNS user to now using Workers, app security, and more


Sébastien Pasche, VP of Engineering at Taurus, shares how the company protects its SaaS and managed services operations with Cloudflare Argo Smart Routing


Moein Akbarof, Application architect at Tropee, uses Cloudflare to deliver faster site performance and protection against malicious bots

Uniswap Labs

Connor McEwen from Uniswap Labs discusses his excitment about having IPFS Gateway to support running Ethereum nodes

WP Engine

Ellie Cooper from WP Engine shares how partnering with Cloudflare enables the organization to optimize its WordPress hosting services

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