Cloudflare for Campaigns: United States

A comprehensive solution, available free for qualifying federal candidates

Cloudflare for Campaigns offers a suite of products to safeguard and optimize the performance of your candidate's web presence — and to protect your team's internal data.

Qualified federal election candidates are eligible to receive a package of products free of charge, proudly provided by Cloudflare in partnership with the nonprofit Defending Digital Campaigns.

Partnering to provide free services

Campaign finance rules generally prohibit companies like Cloudflare from providing free services to political campaigns.

However, a 2019 ruling by the Federal Election Commission makes exceptions for cyber security services for candidates who meet certain criteria because of the threat of foreign attacks. Cloudflare partners with Defending Digital Campaigns to qualify candidates who meet FEC criteria.

Cloudflare provides many campaigns — local, federal, and international — with a wide range of services at costs that fit within most budgets. If your campaign does not qualify for the free suite, there is likely one you can afford.

In addition to Cloudflare for Campaigns, Cloudflare provides free services to US state and local government election websites through the Athenian Project, and to many organizations spanning the arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, and democracy through its initiative Project Galileo.

Submissions are sent to DDC and Cloudflare
Cloudflare for Campaigns is available at no cost to candidates in federal races — regardless of party — that meet the eligibility requirements set by the Federal Election Commission in their advisory opinion of May 21, 2019.
Accepted campaigns receive these benefits:
  • Cloudflare's Business tier of service, including DDoS mitigation, web application firewall, and spam protection — plus supplementary products including Rate Limiting and Bot Protection.
  • Free “I'm Under Attack” support, providing expert assistance in real time during critical incidents.
  • Support for teams, including multi-account access to your Cloudflare dashboard with granular permissions.
Who is eligible for free services?
As outlined in DDC's submission to the FEC, only certain federal candidates and active registered national party committees are eligible for free services. Eligible candidates include:
  • House candidates with at least $50k in receipts for the election cycle.
  • Senate candidates with at least $100k in receipts for the election cycle.
  • House or Senate candidates who have qualified for the general election ballot.
  • Any presidential candidate who is polling above 5% in national polls.


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