Fulfill security and connectivity requirements with Epsilon and Cloudflare

Epsilon is a global Cloud-centric Network Service Provider, extending carrier grade connectivity services to the world’s Communications and Cloud ecosystems. The company offers smart networking capabilities that combine on-demand infrastructure, automation, web-based portals and APIs to give partners friction-free access to global connectivity.

All Epsilon services are powered by a next generation hyper-scalable global backbone which connects all the leading telecoms hubs globally. Across this fabric encompasses a dense ecosystem of carriers, service operators and Cloud Providers offering the leading interconnect point for a diverse set of network and connectivity requirements.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare is partnering with Epsilon to assist customers in gaining easier access to Cloudflare’s globally distributed network, via Cloudflare’s Network Interconnect (CNI) program. As part of CNI, Epsilon allows mutual customers to interconnect directly and privately to Cloudflare -- even when an organization is not physically located in the same data center as Cloudflare. The customer can order a port and a virtual connection on a dashboard, and Epsilon’s interconnection fabric will establish the connection to Cloudflare’s network.


Reliable and consistent

Dedicated, high-capacity link ensures the performance is reliable and consistent when compared to the public Internet.

Private and secure

The highest level of protection with private, secure layer 1 or 2 links into the Cloudflare network.

Software defined

On-demand provisioning with user controlled scalability. Flex bandwidth on-demand to meet business needs, avoiding idle capacity and wasted costs.

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Announcing Network Interconnect Partnerships

Learn how Cloudflare partnered with Epsilon in this Network Interconnection partnerships announcement blog post.

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