Cloudflare and DNSnetworks partner to reduce data transfer fees

DNSnetworks is a Canadian IT managed Services and Cloud Hosting Solutions Provider giving customers and partners the freedom to focus on business, not IT. They do it by delivering custom IT and cloud solutions to meet all types of business while backing it with levels of reliability, security, and support that assure a worry free IT environment.

DNSnetworks has been serving over 1500 businesses since 2003 and has many active partners across North and South America, including VARs, data center providers, telcos, and other IT companies. DNSnetworks is a tight knit group, which contains Canadian government security-cleared employees, trained by skilled engineers, while maintaining the security promised to our customers.


We look forward to working together with the Bandwidth Alliance and use our peering connections to allow customers to egress traffic from our cloud services to Cloudflare for free.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Customers using DNSNetworks and Cloudflare will not be charged any data transfer fees.