Revolutionize your data scaling capabilities with Fauna and Cloudflare, the dynamic duo empowering developers to transcend traditional limitations.

Fauna, a pioneering distributed document-relational database, seamlessly melds the agility of NoSQL with the robustness of relational databases, all while ensuring ACID compliance. Engineered to free teams from legacy systems, Fauna delivers a fully-fledged serverless database experience, decreasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), exceptional performance, mitigating risks, and enhancing flexibility for Cloudflare driven projects. Fauna is easy to start as it removes the burden of managing database operations at scale. Innovators like SiteGPT, Insights.gg, Connexin, and Fabriq trust Fauna and Cloudflare to power their applications.

Partnership Overview

With Fauna, development teams simplify code and ship faster using a cloud API that delivers the best of relational and document querying, allowing expressive business logic in the data layer. Cloudflare Workers’ global edge network – comprising over 300 cities in over 100 countries – enables serverless functions to run as close as possible to end users. Combined, development teams can handle transactional data workloads, eliminate database operations, and scale high-performance applications effortlessly.

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Announcing Cloudflare's Database Partners

Learn about Cloudflare’s partnership with Fauna in this announcement blog post around our Database Partners.

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Case Study

Building the next generation search engine with Fauna and Cloudflare Workers

Learn how MeetKai, a current customer of Fauna and Cloudflare, has benefited from globally distributed transactional data access at low latency.

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Solution & Product Guides

Get started with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna (Cloudflare docs)

Create a serverless, globally distributed REST API with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna with this tutorial.

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