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1 Confirm Setup
Get ready to enjoy global speed and protection. Your easy-to-use dashboard can be quickly configured with fine-grained controls to ensure you’re set up exactly the way you want.
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performance settings
2 Performance Settings
Get familiar with features like Auto-Minify, Brotli Compression and more to boost your performance.
3 Security Settings
Next, we’ll guide you through configuring DDoS protection, SSL encryption, and more, to protect you against whatever the Internet throws your way.
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Without Cloudflare, both legitimate visitors and threats go directly to your website. This puts your site at risk for DDoS and bot attacks, data breaches, and downtime.

With Cloudflare’s global network, your site is now protected from bad traffic, and your content is accelerated.

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If you're running a website, you need Cloudflare in your life.
Andrey Meshkov,  CTO and Co-Founder at AdGuard