Welcome to Cloudflare. Now What?

Video Transcript

Welcome to the Cloudflare community! Our growing global network is here to speed up and protect your website, API, SaaS service and any other property connected to the Internet.

Our customers rave about the performance benefits we deliver to their desktop and mobile visitors with our global CDN, image optimization technologies, dynamic content acceleration, and innovative mobile initiatives.

Security is in our DNA. Our intelligent network learns about new threats through the millions of domains we protect daily, and stops attacks before they reach your site. Our network has stopped some of the largest DDoS attacks in the history of the Internet, and we're pushing to improve security for everyone online.

We're constantly working to make the Internet faster and safer. Be sure to check out our blog at blog.cloudflare.com to learn about the latest Cloudflare news, products, and more.

Once your site has been running through Cloudflare for at least 24 hours, the Analytics app provides insight into key performance and security metrics like total Bandwidth Saved and Total Threats Stopped.

Down at the bottom of the page you’ll also be able to share your stats on Twitter!

If you find your site is under attack, seeing errors, or having performance problems, be sure to reach out to one of our dedicated support engineers by visiting support.cloudflare.com.

On the behalf of everyone here at Cloudflare, welcome aboard!