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Enable Cloudflare services as quickly as possible. Follow this guide to get the most out of your plan’s performance and security features.

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Create an account, add a website, update your nameservers, and configure your dashboard for quick and easy access to Cloudflare’s full range of features.
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Boost Performance
Accelerate page and image loading times by turning on each recommended feature on your Cloudflare dashboard.
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Optimize Security
Ensure your website is as secure as possible by turning on each recommended feature on your Cloudflare dashboard.
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Manage Cloudflare
Now that you’ve set up Cloudflare, you have the ability to pause Cloudflare, monitor real-time traffic and threats via dashboard analytics, and upgrade your plan to do even more.
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Helpful Resources

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Try Cloudflare Support
Still stumped? 95% of all user questions can be solved by searching in the Cloudflare Help Center.
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Join the Community
Join the Cloudflare Community, where you can find and contribute tips, tricks, and troubleshooting assistance.
Community Forum
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Stay up-to-date on product announcements, updates, and new features.