Paul Hartmann and Cloudflare: Learn how healthcare providers can build resilient infrastructure in the changing times

长度: 59 minutes

The ongoing crisis has changed the operational landscape for the healthcare industry around the globe. Healthcare organizations are facing an unprecedented surge in online traffic and attacks. Relying on their legacy infrastructure is not helping them deliver a fast, secure, and reliable experience to their customers.

Join this webinar to learn how Paul Hartmann, a leading manufacturer of medical and healthcare products, leverages Cloudflare to strengthen its security posture and deliver a superior online experience to its customers. Listen to security experts from Paul Hartmann and Cloudflare as they discuss:

  • Security and performance challenges faced by healthcare organizations in this crisis
  • Best practises for healthcare providers to make their online applications more resilient, performant, and secure
  • How Paul Hartmann leverages Cloudflare to deliver a superior online experience to its customers

Marcus Bortel

Senior DevOps Manager at Paul Hartmann

Paul Hartmann

Deeksha Lamba Product Marketing Manager Load Balancing

Deeksha Lamba

Product Marketing


Schiele Steffen crpd

Steffen-Hannes Schiele

DevOps Digital Technology Specialist at Paul Hartmann

Paul Hartmann