Cybersecurity 2020 threat landscape and its implications

Cybersecurity 2020 threat landscape and its implications

长度: 1 hour

Cybersecurity decisions have direct implications to individuals, enterprises and organizations but also have broader societal implications than ever before. In 2020 and beyond, technology promises to change our own experience and enhance our way of life, and those of our customers, significantly. Society and humanity increasingly depend on tech to work, learn, vote, transact and socialise. But that dependence is also making our technology, and us, targets. This reliance and targeting have been magnified during COVID19, where the cybercriminals have sunk to new lows at the same time as that reliance on tech has increased.

This session will explore how these technologies are going to change the experiences of our lives for the better and for the worse. It will explore the most recent cybersecurity breaches, predict the key security issues for 2020 and discuss current security priorities specific to Asia Pacific.

Jinan Budge

Guest Speaker: Jinan Budge

Principal Analyst serving Security & Risk professionals


Arun Singh Product Marketing Lead Security

Arun Singh

Product Marketing Lead, Security