A smarter and faster Cloudflare Argo in addition to an improved HTTP/2 prioritisation.

Cloudflare Speed Week Recap

长度: 40:07

Join us for this webinar where we will do a recap of the announcements made during Cloudflare’s inaugural Speed Week. Cloudflare released several new products that are designed to improve the web experience for our customers. We’ll explore each of the announcements that include:

  • How Cloudflare Argo is getting smarter and faster
  • How HTTP/2 requests can be handled and prioritised more effectively
  • Simplify image management, and reduce the number of image variants needed for mobile and other display types
  • Improving the load times of progressive images with HTTP/2 prioritisation
  • Optimising the delivery of live video stream content with reduced lag
  • Supporting a lightweight, faster JavaScript framework

We have also specially invited Harshad Rotithor, Chief Architect of Carousell, to share on how the smartphone and web-based marketplace for buying and selling new and used goods, has successfully leveraged on Cloudflare's products and services to improve its APAC business performance.

If web performance matters to you, and you ever needed a reason to try Cloudflare, this webinar is especially for you. Learn how we’re different, and how we’re challenging the status quo, believing that fast is never fast enough.


Derek Yee

Director of Product Marketing



Anand Guruprasad

Solutions Engineer Manager



Harshad Rotithor

Chief Architect