#1 DDoS Protection

Unmetered Protection from DDoS Attacks. No Surprise Charges. No Nickel & Dime Pricing.


Free Universal SSL

All Cloudflare Plans Include Free SSL. Get Your Site on HTTPS and Increase Visitor Trust.


Easy 5 Minute Setup

Setup a Domain in Less than 5 Minutes. Keep Your Hosting Provider. No Code Changes Required.


24/7/365 Support

We’re Here to Help You Keep Your Site Up and Attack Free.

Increase Site Load Speed 200%

Bring your website closer to your visitors

With data centers spread across 270 cities around the globe, Cloudflare caches your content so your website loads with blazing fast speed. Cloudflare's CDN reduces hops and lowers latency.

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Enterprise Grade Security Automatically Enabled

mitigate ddos attack diagram

Mitigate DDoS Attacks

Protect Internet properties from malicious traffic targeting network and application layers, to maintain availability and performance, while containing operating costs.

prevent customer data breach diagram

Prevent Customer Data Breach

Prevent attackers from compromising sensitive customer data, such as user credentials, credit card information, and other personally identifiable information.

Cloudflare’s Bot Abuse Mitigation

Cloudflare’s layered security approach combines multiple security practices into one service. It prevents disruptions caused by bad bots, while allowing the good bots, such as Google web crawlers through, keeping Internet assets highly available, protected, and performant.

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Cloudflare 定价

每个人的 Internet 应用程序都可以从使用 Cloudflare 中受益。

Free $ 0 /月, /网站
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适用于个人网站、博客以及想要探索 Cloudflare 的任何人。


Free 计划包括下列所有功能:
  • DDoS 攻击的未计量缓解
  • 全球 CDN
  • 共享 SSL 证书
  • 访问帐户审核日志
  • 3 页规则
Pro $ 20 /月 /网站
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Pro 计划包括 Free 计划中的一切,以及:
  • 具有 Cloudflare 规则集的 Web 应用程序防火墙( WAF)
  • 使用 Polish™ 优化图像
  • 使用 Mirage™ 优化移动
  • I'm Under Attack™ 模式
  • 访问帐户审核日志
  • 20 页规则
Business $ 200 /月 /网站
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适用于需要高级安全性和性能、PCI 合规性和优先电子邮件支持的小型电子商务网站和企业。


Business 计划包括 Pro 计划中的一切,以及:
  • 具有 25 个自定义规则集的 Web 应用程序防火墙( WAF)
  • 自定义 SSL 证书上传
  • 通过 Modern TLS Only 模式和 WAF 实现 PCI 合规性
  • 绕过 cookie 上的缓存
  • 使用 Railgun™ 加快动态内容的传递
  • 优先电子邮件支持
  • 访问帐户审核日志
  • 50 页规则
Enterprise 联系我们
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适用于需要企业级安全性与效能、全年无休每天 24 小时的优先电话、电子邮件或聊天支持以及有保证的正常运行时间的公司。


Enterprise 计划包含 Business 计划的一切,以及:
  • 全年无休、每天 24 小时的企业级电话、电子邮件和聊天支持
  • 保证 100% 正常运作时间 SLA(未能符合此承诺将赔偿 25 倍金额)
  • 企业级 DDoS 防护与网络优先权
  • 具有无限自定义规则集的高级 Web 应用程序防火墙(WAF)
  • 基于多用户角色的帐户访问
  • 多个自定义 SSL 证书上传
  • 访问原始日志
  • 访问帐户审核日志
  • 专业解决方案和客户成功工程师
  • 访问中国 CDN 数据中心(需支付额外费用)
  • 100 个页面规则


$ 0 /
适用于个人网站、博客以及想要探索 Cloudflare 的任何人。


$ 20 /


$ 200 /
适用于需要高级安全性和性能、PCI 合规性和优先电子邮件支持的小型电子商务网站和企业。


适用于需要企业级安全性与效能、全年无休每天 24 小时的优先电话、电子邮件或聊天支持以及有保证的正常运行时间的公司。
Trusted by over 25000000 Internet properties, in any industry, including:
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Incredibly easy to set up.
Get instant DDoS protection.

Simply choose the security setting that’s right for your website. Cloudflare shields you with a complete layer of defense, including a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF), to stop attacks of all types and sizes. Cloudflare even protects you from the toughest attacks targeting Layer 3/4 and 7.

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Without Cloudflare, the DDoS attacks would bring our website offline and kill our sales completely. We couldn’t exist without Cloudflare.
- Corey Smith, Managing Director
We would have a partial outage at least once a week due to random DDoS attacks on our gateway servers and now this never happens.
- Stanislav Vishnevskiy, CTO