Keep your website and your users safe by turning on the basic features available in your plan.

Secure Your Site

Get familiar with your Cloudflare dashboard. Turn on each feature below to begin protecting your site with your Business plan, or upgrade to Enterprise plan for even more security.

security ddos

Stop DDoS Attacks

Stop site interruptions from massive DDoS attacks with Cloudflare's layered security.

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security setssl

Secure Connections

Encrypt communication to and from your website using Cloudflare's Universal SSL (TLS). Configure Full SSL for advanced security.

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security https

Enable HTTPS For All Traffic

Prevent data leaks and improve visitor trust by encrypting web traffic.

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security dnssec

Ensure DNS integrity with DNSSEC

Guarantee visitors are directed to your web server and not a malicious spoof of your site.

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Do Even More

security waf owasp rules

Enable Web Application Firewall

Block the latest threats observed by Cloudflare.

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security owasp

Enable OWASP Protection

Protect your site from roughly 12% of all attacks by blocking the Top 10 OWASP threats, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

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security manged ruleset

Enable Managed Ruleset

Protect your site against new vulnerabilities for technology and web specific applications. Managed Rulesets are frequently updated and improved.

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security custom waf rules

Configure Custom WAF Rules

Defend your website against application attacks with Cloudflare rulesets, OWASP ModSecurity rulesets, and up to 25 custom rulesets.

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security custom waf certificate

Upload Custom SSL Certificate

Encrypt data in transit with your own custom SSL certificate to Cloudflare. Use a Single-Domain or Wildcard certificate instead of a Multi-Domain certificate.

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security pci

Ensure PCI Compliance

Bring your business into compliance with the latest PCI standards by enabling the Cloudflare WAF and Modern TLS Only mode.

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Learn more about your security settings. Configure Advanced Settings

Get More Secure with Cloudflare Enterprise

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helpfulresources support

24 / 7 / 365 Support and Dedicated Account Management

Enterprise-grade phone, chat, and email support with 100% uptime and 25x reimbursement

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security logs

Enable Logs

Take charge of your data and run your own analytics using raw log data from web assets on Cloudflare's network.

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security spectrum

Enable Spectrum

Extend the power of Cloudflare DDoS, TLS, and IP Firewall solutions to your other TCP-based services, keeping gaming services, SSH, or SMTP online and secure.

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security rate limiting

Enable Rate Limiting

Identify and block high request rates automatically, either for specific URLs or for an entire domain.

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security bot mangement

Enable Bot Management

Detect and stop malicious bots using machine learning that harnesses data from more than 16 million Internet properties, all with one click.

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performance argo

Enable Argo tunnel

Secure application traffic to any type of infrastructure. Prevent data snooping in transit and brute force login attacks starting at $5/month.

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security access

Control Identity and Access Management with Cloudflare Access

Secure, authenticate, and monitor user access to any domain, application, or path on Cloudflare, starting at $3 per month.

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We love the peace of mind that we get knowing that we can set up Cloudflare, forget about it, and trust that we won't be affected by any kind of malicious DDoS attack.
Lee McNeil,  CTO at Buycraft

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