Your Cloudflare Business Plan comes with protection from DDoS attacks, data breaches, and bot attacks.

Turning on Security

Switch on these features to make your site more secure today.

DDoS Protection

Use Cloudflare to protect your presence from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, no matter the size.


Review SSL

Review this option to ensure this the right setting for your site. We recommend configuring “Full SSL” for advanced security.

Review SSL

Always use HTTPS

Make sure your visitors are always visiting an encrypted page by redirecting all requests with “http” to “https”.

Turn on

Available with Pro and Business Plans

Web Application Firewall OWASP Rules

Turn on to protect your site from the Top 10 common OWASP identified threats; these account for roughly 12% of all attacks including cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Turn on

Web Application Firewall Cloudflare Rules

Turning on Cloudflare Rulesets protects an additional 86% of attacks that Cloudflare has identified. These rules continuously evolve to protect you from the latest threats.

Turn on
Learn more about your security settings. Configure Advanced Settings
We love the peace of mind that we get knowing that we can set up Cloudflare, forget about it, and trust that we won't be affected by any kind of malicious DDoS attack.
Lee McNeil,  CTO at Buycraft

Basic Setup Complete!

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