AMP Viewer SDK

Present AMP Content Directly From Your Site With AMP Viewer SDK

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) content provides readers with a lightning quick page load by optimizing web pages specifically for mobile devices. However, publishers have very little control over how their audience consume AMP content. AMP links are only discoverable through Google search or Accelerated Mobile Links on a referring website and then presented in a generic AMP viewer. This limits publishers from showcasing AMP content on a proprietary website and removes the publisher’s control over how AMP content is branded and displayed to viewers across the web.

Cloudflare’s AMP Viewer SDK allows publishers to easily present AMP content on their own website through a fully customizable AMP Viewer. AMP Viewer SDK helps publishers to ensure proper branding of content, catalyze views through related content linking on AMP pages, increase monetization through easily insertable AMP ads, and implement an AMP carousel to provide viewers with a seamless transition between different AMP stories. All of these features plus even more functionality are available through Cloudflare’s easy-to-use AMP API.

Accelerated Mobile Links

powered by AMP, loads AMP-enabled external links inside of a viewing window, within the same tab, at least 3 times faster than normal mobile pages.

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to easily brand AMP pages so that sharable links will point to their custom AMP domain.

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AMP Viewer SDK Features

Customizable AMP Viewer:

The AMP viewer SDK offers developers tools to fully implement and customize an AMP Viewer for their website. This customization gives publishers the ability to create unique, branded Viewers to display AMP content.

Links to Additional AMP Content

Drive more page views by linking to related or notable AMP content directly at the bottom of your AMP page. When readers get to the bottom of an article they can easily click and view related or featured stories without leaving the viewer.

AMP Carousel

AMP Carousel allows readers to easily swipe through AMP pages without leaving the AMP viewer. Plus, AMP Carousel also supports Ads for increased monetization.

We're already producing high-quality Accelerated Mobile Pages. Cloudflare's AMP Viewer SDK lets us take our platform to the next level by extending the AMP engagement opportunity.
John Petitt,
CTO of Relay Media


Example of how easy Implementation of AMP Carousel with Cloudflare’s AMP API: