Learn about serverless and how it's changing the application development landscape

The Advent of Serverless Technologies

Length: 45 minutes

Over the past decades we’ve seen advances in application deployment evolve from bare metal, virtual machines to the cloud and containerized services. While the cloud is the defacto infrastructure platform for the modern enterprise, shifts are already beginning to take place that offer hints towards the next evolution in deployment services. Developers are increasingly influencing infrastructure decisions, in need of faster deployment times and leaner capacity investments.

In this recorded webinar, Cloudflare and a guest speaker from IDC discuss:

  • The current role of network service providers
  • Challenges facing IT in the current cloud environment
  • What is serverless and how it’s changing application development landscape
  • How Cloudflare is working to help push the boundaries with serverless

Arnal Dayaratna

Research Director, Software Development



Derek Yee

Product Marketing



Remy Guercio

Product Marketing


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