Join us for our live webinar!

What's Inside Cloudflare Mobile SDK

Wednesday, May 30th @12pm PT

Length: 45 minutes

Businesses are betting big on mobile. Cloudflare’s mission has always been focused on building a better internet, which includes improving mobile experiences. The Cloudflare mobile SDK offers a unique solution that improves the mobile experience by deploying an app level SDK to address the challenges of highly latent cellular networks.

Join us for a 45-minute webinar that introduces Cloudflare’s new mobile SDK, and how you can benefit from the diagnostics toolsets available to measure and improve mobile app performance.

  • The role of CDNs and improving the mobile app experience
  • The architecture of the Cloudflare mobile SDK and how it addresses performance and reliability challenges
  • A walkthrough and demo of the mobile SDK
  • Getting started with the mobile SDK

Rustam Lalkaka

Mobile SDK Product Manager


Derek Yee

Product Marketing


Join us for our live webinar!