Learn why Web Application Firewalls are no longer enough

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What You're Missing With Your Current WAF Provider

Wednesday, February 28th @ 11am PT

Length: 45 minutes

Preventing data breaches and stopping malicious bots has become a top priority for many companies. Cloudflare blocks over 400 million malicious requests each day and from this we know that installing and forgetting a Web Application Firewall is no longer enough. In order to keep up, rules must not only be updated and monitored constantly, but they must also be augmented with other security services to provide an effective solution.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the risks of only relying on a WAF
  • Why network intelligence matters when blocking the most sophisticated attacks
  • Why implementing security services shouldn’t be difficult
  • Why improved security doesn’t need to diminish performance

Remy Guerico

Product Marketing


Join us for our live webinar!