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How to build the best app video experience - without the hassle

Wednesday, July 25th @10am PDT

Visitors on the web expect a fast, high-quality online video experience when they interact with your web site or app; regardless of the type of device, network connection, or location. A poor video experience can negatively impact your brand perception, engagement and revenues.

Every incremental one-second buffering delay for video playback results in a six percent increase in abandonment rates. Video integration is still far too complicated for the vast majority of app developers and publishers requiring a secure, native in app solution. Join our 45-minute webinar where we'll cover the basics of video delivery, including the following:

  • Video 101, and the things you need to know to deliver video
  • Common tools to deliver video (YouTube, AWS etc.)
  • Cloudflare’s approach to video delivery and publishing
  • Examples of customer video deployments with Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare Stream demo

Andy Silverstein

Video Strategist


Derek Yee

Product Marketing


Join us for our live webinar!