Learn how we’re improving our products and creating new security and performance solutions.

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What’s New at Cloudflare: New Product Launches

Tuesday, 5 June at 1pm AEST (Sydney, Australia)

Length: 45 minutes

We’ve been working hard developing new features and products that can improve your applications’ security and performance. Join us and learn about some of the new products we've recently announced. There will be a short summary of each of our new products and how they may benefit you as well as how to contact the team.

What our team will cover:

  • Improvements and new features from 2017
  • Updates to existing products: Argo, Rate Limiting, Load Balancing, ELS (Log Push)
  • Access - Securing internal applications
  • Workers - Run your Javascript at the edge
  • Stream - Fully integrated video storage, coding and player solution
  • Argo Tunnels - Better origin security
  • Mobile SDK - Enhance mobile application user experience
  • Spectrum - Proxy more than HTTP(S)

David Fenton

Account Executive


Derek Yee

Director of Product Marketing


Join us for our live webinar!