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Filling the Gaps in Your DDoS Mitigation Strategy

Tuesday, September 4 @11 AM GMT+8

Length: 45 mins

The Asia Pacific region has become a growing hotspot of DDoS attacks, this puts business security strategies under fire. As a result, this increases the pressure for businesses to strengthen their security posture. At Cloudflare, we have over 9,000,000 internet applications and APIs going through our network. This puts us in a rather unique position to be able to learn from the myriad of attacks on the network and using it to strengthen our DDoS mitigation capabilities. Be it small or large, even unusual.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • How small DDoS attacks can still bring your site down
  • A little known way attackers can bypass traditional DDoS protections
  • Why TCP services may make you vulnerable to a DDoS attack
  • Pros and cons of multiple solutions: BGP, MPLS, and building your own
  • How to augment Cloudflare’s unmetered DDoS solution with Spectrum, Rate Limiting, and Argo Tunnel

Mengran “Chris” Wang

Solutions Engineer


Join us for our live webinar!