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Learn how to run code at the edge, not the origin with Cloudflare Workers

Join us for our live webinar!

Introduction to Cloudflare Workers

Tuesday, September 4 @ 10am BST

Length: 1 hour

We will be presenting Cloudflare Workers, a framework for deploying Javascript logic into Cloudflare’s 194+ data centers around the world: move your business logic to the edge for increased performance and flexibility, and to reduce costs.

The webinar will include demonstrations of real life applications in different industries. Use cases will include, amongst others:

  • A/B testing
  • Complex edge configuration: locale based redirections, bot redirections, caching logic
  • Validation at the edge: paid content protection, private data
  • Serving content from the edge

Anthony Mortimer

Customer Development



Miguel Mones

Customer Success Manager



Olga Skobeleva

Solutions Engineer


Join us for our live webinar!