Explore new data on DDoS trends and understand ways to counter these tactics

Recent DDoS attack trends, and how you should respond

Length: 40:32

The past few months have seen significant changes in global DDoS tactics. We can observe these changes in detail by analyzing traffic patterns from Cloudflare’s global network, which protects more than 27 million Internet properties and blocks 45 billion cyber threats every day. What approaches are DDoS attackers using right now, and what are forward-thinking organizations doing in response?

In this webcast, Cloudflare DDoS product experts Omer Yoachimik, and Vivek Ganti explore new data on DDoS trends and discuss ways to counter these tactics.

Join this webcast to learn more about:

  • How DDoS attack vectors and tactics evolved from April-June 2020
  • Strategies for responding to these trends, with real-world case studies
  • Key parameters to consider when picking a DDoS mitigation vendor
Omer Photo

Omer Yoachimik

Product Manager/DDos Protection



Vivek Ganti

Product Marketing