Get rid of network perimeter hardware with Magic Transit

Get rid of network perimeter hardware with Magic Transit

Length: 45 Minutes

It’s time for a change.

When organizations need to protect their on-prem networks, IT departments typically turn to old, legacy hardware boxes.

On-prem network perimeter hardware boxes are slow, hard to manage, and expensive. Also, they just aren’t designed to fulfill some of the Internet’s basic needs: Security. Performance. Reliability.

Introducing Cloudflare Magic Transit.

Magic Transit is a software-defined networking product that offers IP transit with built-in DDoS protection, next-gen firewall, traffic acceleration, and more for your on-premise and data center networks from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Attend this webinar to learn how Magic Transit helps you:

  • Protect and accelerate your network infrastructure
  • Simplify your on-prem networks with virtual network functions (VNFs) deployed on the fly
  • Dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)

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Dan Goldstein

Head of New Product Go-To-Market & Revenue



Vivek Ganti

Product Marketing