Cloudflare Security Portfolio

A more effective security posture

Websites, applications, employees and networks are the lifeblood of business. That is why the Cloudflare security portfolio accounts for everything--and everyone--connected to the Internet. All without an overwhelming patchwork of complexity.

Modern security challenges

Protect apps, sites and APIs

Ward off attacks and bots targeting APIs, websites and applications while ensuring protections are always current against zero-day exploits.

A newer network and firewall

Think through newer, less resource-intensive ways to gain next-gen firewalling - and even networking - without backhauling traffic halfway across the world.

Stop lateral movement

Consider ways to mitigate risk of attacker and ransomware lateral movement and the network access concerns of VPNs.

Protect remote teams

Keep global employees safe from malware, ransomware, phishing, and other Internet risks - no matter where they work from.

The Cloudflare edge is your modern security perimeter

The Cloudflare global network

By making Cloudflare's network your enterprise security perimeter, you gain a modern application security posture, pivot to Zero Trust access and cloud-delivered security for employees while moving to networking and firewall-as-a-service. All Cloudflare security, managed from a single console, is delivered from our global edge network of 275 data centers in more than 100 countries for incredible performance, reliability and unlimited scalability.

Application security

Application security

Our application security portfolio keeps applications and APIs secure and productive, thwarts DDoS attacks, keeps bots at bay, detects anomalies and malicious payloads, all while monitoring for browser supply chain attacks.

Network security

Network security

We secure and strengthen your enterprise with our integrated network security solutions for DDoS protection, WAN-as-a-service, and Firewall-as-a-service.

Zero Trust security

Zero Trust security

Cloudflare Zero Trust delivers both secure, zero trust access to your corporate applications without a VPN and cloud-delivered security from our edge to keep data and users safe from threats - wherever they work from.

Move to SASE

Move to SASE

Cloudflare’s SASE, Cloudflare One, is a Zero Trust network-as-a-service platform that dynamically connects users to enterprise resources, with identity-based security controls delivered close to users, wherever they are.

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Security in the fast lane

Our vast global network spanning 275 cities is one of the fastest on the planet. In fact, we can reach 95% of the world’s population within 50 ms.

That means our single-pass security inspection happens at the data center closest to its source, so security never comes with a performance tradeoff.

The best DDoS protection

All Cloudflare customers are shielded by 155 Tbps of DDoS protection.

Every server in every one of our 275 network locations runs the full stack of DDoS mitigation services to defend against the largest attacks.

OneTrust relies on Cloudflare to maintain our network perimeter, so we can focus on delivering technology that helps our customers be more trusted. With Cloudflare, we can easily build context-aware Zero Trust policies for secure access to our developer tools. Employees can connect to the tools they need so simply teams don't even know Cloudflare is powering the backend. It just works.
Blake Bannon
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Secure. Fast. Easy.

We build products that are simple to deploy and configure. Ease of onboarding, adoption, and management is a core design tenet of every Cloudflare product.

There is no hardware to rack and stack and no software to install, and it is completely transparent to your end-users.

We measure deployment in minutes and hours, not days and weeks (or months). Once you are on Cloudflare, adding new functionalities is quick and simple.

Cloudflare WAF was so easy and intuitive to use. It took our engineers almost no time to get up to speed. We’ve now expanded our usage of Cloudflare’s suite of products. Integrating with any Cloudflare solution has been just so smooth and painless
Paul Shope
Security Engineer
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Threat intelligence. At scale.

Cloudflare's global network spans across 275 cities in approximately 100 countries. This allows Cloudflare to operate within 50 milliseconds of 95% of the Internet-connected population in the developed world. Our global network capacity is over 155 Tbps.

With tens of millions of Internet properties on our network, Cloudflare’s curated and unique threat intelligence seamlessly protects against sophisticated attacks.

We operate at a massive scale to protect any asset on our network from any threat.

By tapping into Cloudflare’s unique integrated security protection and performance acceleration, Zendesk has been able to leverage Cloudflare’s global platform to enhance its experience for all of its customers.
Jason Smale
Vice President of Engineering

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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