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Free Zero Trust cyber security for hospitals, energy and water

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, national security experts have highlighted the increased risk of cyber attacks. All organizations should be prepared for increasingly frequent and sophisticated attacks with goals that include stealing data, compromising applications, and shutting down networks and devices.

To address this threat, Cloudflare is participating in the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project. Our goal is to quickly improve the cyber readiness of vulnerable infrastructure in US critical sectors–hospitals, energy utilities and water utilities–by providing eligible organizations free services and support.

Learn more by reading the press release and blog post.

A Zero Trust approach to security can make any organization more cyber ready. Download our rapid action guide.

Free cyber security services and support for 4 months

Cloudflare is offering 4 free months of enterprise level services, plus support, to hospitals, power utilities and water utilities. Services include:

These cyber security capabilities enable a robust Zero Trust defense-in-depth approach that can be implemented quickly.

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Learn about Zero Trust security for improving cyber readiness

This Cloudflare effort is part of the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project. Learn more here.