Cloudflare vs. Cisco

Choose Cloudflare over Cisco Umbrella for DNS filtering and Zero Trust

Start with Cloudflare Gateway today for DNS filtering optimized for security, speed, and simplicity of administration. Protect against ransomware, phishing, and shadow IT threats.

Longer term, accelerate your Zero Trust journey by consolidating threat protection, data controls, and identity-based application access under Cloudflare Zero Trust’s unified management experience.

No more switching between different Cisco interfaces or worrying about how Cisco will integrate disparate services on the backend.

cloudflare dns filtering spot illustration

It's time to reevaluate your Cisco Umbrella subscription.

With Umbrella, your organization is probably paying for capabilities that you don’t really need. Cloudflare Gateway delivers the same rigorous security, high speed, and simple management that you expect from cloud-native DNS filtering solutions like Cisco Umbrella. Plus, we make it easy to adapt your approach over time to accomodate new users, new devices, and new threats.

Block ransomware, malware, phishing, and other harmful Internet destinations.

Cloudflare ingests best-in-class lists of risky domains and generates proprietary threat intelligence on hundreds of billions of recursive DNS queries per day.

With this global visibility, we excel at identifying and applying policies to ‘new’ and ‘newly seen’ domains.

Speed and reliability around the globe.

Neither Gateway nor Umbrella have ever experienced outages in their DNS filtering services.

But only Cloudflare Gateway is built off of the world’s fastest public DNS resolver ( Plus, Cloudflare stands behind a 100% uptime SLA across our 250+ cities in 100+ countries.

One policy manager, one device client, one unified experience.

In Gateway, admins can set precise DNS filtering policies across users from a single dashboard.

Unlike with Cisco's multiple products and legacy VPN modules, as you evolve your Zero Trust security approach with Cloudflare, you can continue using our single, modern client across new services and use cases.

Advancing Zero Trust

Built on Cloudflare's network

All of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust services are purpose-built on our own developer platform. This not only delivers a consistent user experience, but also enables us to innovate more rapidly.

By contrast, partial integrations between Cisco services – often bought through acquisitions – can create unexpected frictions. Your admins will be juggling multiple standalone SWG and ZTNA solutions and will weave an overly complex web of inconsistent policies over time.

Switch to Cloudflare for DNS filtering today