Offer valid only for Techstars IoT companies.

To take advantage of Cloudflare and Microsoft’s joint offer for Techstars companies please complete the form below, and someone from our enterprise team will contact you.

  • Offer may be used in addition, but not in replacement, to an existing enterprise subscription agreement.
  • Requires completion of an enterprise subscription agreement and acceptance of Cloudflare’s terms of service.
  • Techstars enterprise offer is only valid for one (1) domain with one (1) custom SSL certificate and up to fifty (50) custom WAF rules.
  • Priority support will be offered by e-mail, with telephone support limited to emergencies. This offer does not include account management, 24/7 enterprise telephone support, service level agreement, log file access or edge-side code support.
  • Incremental domains, service upgrades and additional support requirements may incur additional fees.
  • Cloudflare reserves the right to, under its sole discretion, refuse service, suspend or terminate accounts, or otherwise restrict access to this offer and the Cloudflare service.