Remote work, made secure and productive — no VPN required

The recent surge in remote work is testing the limits of many organizations’ VPN solutions. Cloudflare for Teams can help you reduce the strain on your VPN by protecting your critical behind-the-firewall applications with Cloudflare's global network.

To support organizations in enabling remote work through the Coronavirus emergency, Cloudflare has a special offer of help:

  • Cloudflare for Teams seats will be provided to organizations of any size at no cost through September 1.
  • There is no commitment to continue using the product after September 1.
  • The program includes an optional 30-minute onboarding session with a technical expert.

Ready to get started? Click on the quick start guide. Otherwise, for a guided onboarding session, schedule a 30 minute appointment.

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How Cloudflare Access can help your team

Take a tour

This ten minute video shows how Cloudflare Access makes it easier for your team to access internal applications without a VPN.

Demo: Remote access to Grafana

See how you can configure Cloudflare Access for safe and fast remote access to internally-managed cloud applications like Grafana.

How it works

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One dashboard. All of your internal apps

A single pane of glass to secure your team’s applications.

  • Secure on-premise applications with SSO in hours, not months
  • Standardize access controls across on-prem, private, and public cloud resources
  • Manage access to internal apps on a per-user and per-application basis
image cloudflare for teams zero trust

Zero Trust. 100% Coverage

Extend zero trust security to private applications.

  • Minimize exposed application surface and protect your assets from attack
  • Implement a software-defined security perimeter without code changes
  • Establish discrete perimeters of protection around key applications
image cloudflare for teams vpn

Put your VPN on a performance improvement plan

Ditch your corporate VPN for SaaS-like ease of use for all your internal applications.

  • Authenticate users anywhere in the world with Cloudflare’s global network
  • Drive adoption and reduce IT overhead with a seamless and familiar login experience
  • Improve end user performance with Cloudflare’s distributed network and intelligent routing
image cloudflare for teams integrations

Third party users? First class citizens

Seamlessly onboard partners and contractors without issuing and managing corporate login accounts.

  • Integrate with multiple identity providers simultaneously
  • Utilize popular identity provider options for external users, while your employees use your corporate SSO
  • Connect securely from any device with no special software agent required
“With Cloudflare, Roman can evaluate every request made to internal applications for permission and identity, while also improving speed and user experience.”
− Ricky Lindenhovius,
Director of Site Reliability Engineering

The Cloudflare Difference

Industry-leading network & scale

  • Cloudflare operates within 100 ms of 99% of Internet users in the developed world
  • 35 Tbps of network capacity
  • Network presence in 200+ cities and 95 countries

Intelligence from unique sources

  • Threat data gathered from securing more than 27M web properties
  • 50M cyber attacks blocked per day
  • Intel from 11M HTTP requests per second on average

Fast connections—tested at scale

  • Security powered by, the world's fastest public DNS resolver
  • Built on with Warp, Cloudflare’s consumer product with 200k reviews and an average of 4.5 rating

* To take advantage of this promotion, you must submit a request form and follow the instructions to activate free versions of Cloudflare Access or Cloudflare Gateway before September 1. Once you add Gateway or Access to your Cloudflare contract, the seats would be made available to you free of charge until September 1, 2020. Customers who do not wish to use Access or Gateway after 9/1/2020 will be able to offboard without restriction. Enterprise logging and Access for mTLS are not included in this promotion. Cloudflare reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.