Cloudflare Gateway

Keep users and data safe from threats on the Internet - no backhauling required. Free for up to 50 users.

Backhauling user traffic through centralized firewalls slows the business down. Cloudflare Gateway is a secure web gateway that brings comprehensive security anywhere your users are.

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Protect users from malware, phishing, ransomware, crypto-mining and other security threats

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Reduce reliance on centralized security hardware

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Control the flow of data in and out of your organization with SSL inspection, file type control, and file upload/download policies

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Build a safe harbor on the open Internet

Block access to potentially risky sites with Cloudflare's massive corpus of threat intelligence, which includes 100+ categories of pre-built lists to help you easily block access to malicious and risky sites. Block sites at the domain or URL level using built-in lists or with custom blocklists.

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Control the flow of data in and out of your organization.

Implement data loss prevention (DLP) with file type controls that can stop users from uploading files to sites. Prevent malicious downloads by blocking users from downloading specific types of files.

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Stop backhauling traffic to centralized datacenters.

Existing firewall solutions haul user requests to centralized scrubbing centers for inspections, slowing down user access. Gateway replaces expensive, on-premise hardware that forces tradeoffs between performance and security by requiring traffic to be backhauled to a central location. With Gateway, the first destination is a Cloudflare data center located near users, for all outbound traffic.

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SaaS application control

Gateway's logging capabilities allow you to discover unapproved use of SaaS applications. You can use Gateway's policy engine to block access to non-approved apps. Integrate user identities and roles into Gateway to limit access to specific subdomains and functions of enterprise SaaS applications.

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Monitor traffic across your organization.

Gateway's logs provide visibility into your Internet and web traffic — across all users, devices, and locations. You can export Gateway's logs into your SIEM or cloud storage platform of choice.

How it works

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Legacy approach

Teams need to connect to the Internet to do their work. Legacy approaches attempted to force that Internet traffic through hardware that could not scale and only slowed down users.

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Cloudflare for Teams

Cloudflare Gateway replaces outdated boxes with Cloudflare’s global network. Instead of backhauling traffic, users connect to one of Cloudflare’s data centers in 200 cities around the world, where Cloudflare applies security policies and filtering.

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Protect employees from threats on the Internet with Cloudflare Gateway. Getting started takes minutes.