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Accelerate page and image loading times by turning on each recommended feature on your Cloudflare dashboard.

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Get familiar with your Cloudflare dashboard. Turn on each feature below to begin boosting performance with your Free plan.

performance global speed

Global CDN Caching

Cache your site from any of Cloudflare's global Content Delivery Network (CDN) data centers

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performance auto minify


Reduce the size of HTML, CSS, and Javascript resources to accelerate page loads.

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performance brotli compression


Get faster page load times by turning on Brotli compression so that content reaches users more quickly.

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Do Even More

performance basic caching

Basic Custom CDN Caching

Discover the benefits of caching with Cloudflare’s CDN and learn about the default cache behavior.

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HTTPS Performance

TLS 1.3 makes page load times significantly faster for mobile devices, improving the user experience for your visitors.

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Learn more about your performance settings. Configure Advanced Settings

Get Even Faster with Pro and Above Plans

Upgrades starting at $20/month

performance polish

Image Optimization with Polish™

Activate Polish to accelerate page loads by reducing image file size up to 35%. Available for Pro Plan and above.

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performance mirage

Mobile Optimization with Mirage™

Activate Mirage to improve image load time for mobile devices that use slow networks. Available for Pro Plan and above.

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performance argo

Speed Up Your Site with Argo

Make your site faster with Cloudflare Argo with one click. Like GPS for the Internet, Argo picks the quickest routes for network traffic. Available starting at $5/month.

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performance stream

Video Optimization with Stream

Stream your on-demand video catalog using Cloudflare Stream. $5/month per thousand minutes of content stored, $1 per thousand minutes viewed per month. Available for Pro and Business Plans only.

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Cloudflare helps us to provide a much better and faster mobile gaming experience to our players!
Sebastien Borget,  Co-Founder Pixowl

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