Learn why executive buy-in for Zero Trust security initiatives is higher than ever

Why Zero Trust Architecture Will Become the New Normal in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought changes no IT team was ready for: employees were sent home, customer interaction models changed, and cloud transformation efforts abruptly accelerated. Cloudflare recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the impact of 2020 disruptions on security strategy and operations among companies of all sizes. To do so, they surveyed 317 global security decision makers from around the world.

Join our guest Forrester VP, Principal Analyst, Chase Cunningham, and Cloudflare Go-To-Market Leader, Brian Parks, for an in-depth discussion of the survey results, followed by practical guidance for next year’s planning.

  • How 2020’s disruptions created challenges and opportunities for security teams of all sizes
  • Specific challenges North American companies faced in securing the change
  • Why executive buy-in for Zero Trust security initiatives is higher than ever
  • What peer security leaders are prioritizing for Zero Trust initiatives in 2021
  • How to drive successful Zero Trust pilot projects with Cloudflare for Teams

Chase Cunningham

VP - Principal Analyst


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Brian Parks

Go to Market Leader - Cloudflare for Teams


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