LIVE DEMO: Set up Zero Trust Access - and ditch your VPN - in less than 45 minutes

LIVE DEMO: Set up Zero Trust Access - and ditch your VPN - in less than 45 minutes

Comprimento: 45 Minutes

This webinar is an end-to-end live demonstration of how a fictional company could set up Zero Trust Access in less than 45 minutes. Product Manager Sam Rhea will walk through every configuration step, from integrating identity sources, to securing your first application, to testing the experience with contractors and employees.

The global explosion of remote work revealed what we suspected it might: corporate VPNs are slow, bad on mobile, and prone to compromise. Zero Trust Access replaces VPN connections with an identity-aware protection layer that sits in front of your company’s internal resources — and checks for employees’ SSO credentials instead of a VPN client.

Zero Trust might be a buzzword, but its benefits are real, and we believe it should be radically simple for teams to deploy and adopt. Join us to watch it happen in real-time, and get your ZTA questions answered live by product experts.

Cloudflare’s Zero Trust Access product, Cloudflare Access, is available at no cost for businesses of any size until September 1. To learn more and request a free onboarding session, visit: teams.cloudflare.com/access.

Date: June 17, 2020 Time: 12pm ET / 5pm BST

Sam Rhea

Sam Rhea

Product Manager


Lane Billings Senior Product Marketing Manager Cloudflare

Lane Billings

Product Marketing Manager


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