Learn about ways to get security and engineering teams building together

Getting engineering and security teams building together

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At Cloudflare, we build trust and security into every product we introduce. To make that happen, we build close partnerships between engineering and security teams. It requires our security team to think like engineers, and to actively build/test products alongside them. During this webinar, Evan Johnson, product security leader at Cloudflare, will share how Cloudflare has set up our security and engineering teams for fast and effective collaboration, and how we put that collaboration to work in the creation of our own Team security product.

You'll learn:

  • How Cloudflare's internal security team thinks about identity and access management - and how we've made it better over time
  • Ways to get security and engineering teams building together in a world where "every company is a tech company"
  • A case study on how engineering and security worked together to build and tested our Zero Trust security product
Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson

Security Engineering Manager


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