Building highly reliable digital infrastructure

Building highly reliable digital infrastructure

Comprimento: 45 Minutes

For any organization, it's difficult to acquire new customers and even more challenging to retain them. Losing your customers due to application downtime or slow response time can be a costly mistake — a mistake that can be easily avoided.

With Cloudflare Load Balancing and Monitoring, you can reduce latency and improve application availability by steering traffic away from unhealthy origins and dynamically distributing it to the most available and responsive server pools. In addition to the powerful functionality of our Load Balancer, leveraging active health checks and accompanying analytics gives you the ability to identify the origins that are unhealthy or slow, and be empowered to investigate root causes to drastically minimize your time to resolution. In turn, this maximizes your application reliability and trust with your end-users.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • How Cloudflare Load Balancing and Monitoring can make your applications reliable and faster.
  • How Cloudflare reduces the stress and costs of maintaining hardware load balancers, and seamlessly integrates into any heterogeneous cloud environment.
  • Deep dive into our new feature — Load Balancing Analytics.
Deeksha Lamba Product Marketing Manager Load Balancing

Deeksha Lamba

Product Marketing


Brian Batraski Product Manager Load Balancing

Brian Batraski

Product Manager, Load Balancing