Making remote access faster and safer from anywhere (ANZ)

LIVE DEMO: VPN-less Remote Access with Cloudflare for Teams

Comprimento: 1 hour

The Coronavirus emergency has caught many organisations off guard and is straining the infrastructure of companies around the world as more employees work from home. If your team is hamstrung by a VPN that can’t handle the surge in usage, or the scale of so many of your team working remote, Cloudflare is here to help.

This webinar will include a live demo showing how you can configure Cloudflare Access to protect your internally-hosted applications and infrastructure — without a VPN.

After the demo, we’ll share examples of how other organizations (including Cloudflare) are using it to make remote work faster and safer from everywhere.

Raymond Maisano, Head of ANZ, and Antonio Rancan, Solutions Engineer, will also join us on this webinar for a live Q&A.

Sam Rhea

Sam Rhea

Product Manager


RDM Photo

Raymond Maisano

Head of ANZ


Antonio Rancan

Antonio Rancan

Solutions Engineer


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