Securing The Web Perimeter: How Unpatched WordPress Installs Can Increase the Risk of Security Breaches

The Equifax and Yahoo breaches have highlighted just how vulnerable enterprises are to cyber attacks that aim to exfiltrate data by exploiting web application vulnerabilities. Content Management Systems (CMS) are among the most popular platforms on the world wide web - over 30% of the websites in the Alexa top 1 million use WordPress.

Exploits of WordPress have soared in recent times. Securing a combination of legacy environments and newer stacks, keeping up with the latest security patches, and reducing response times to zero-day vulnerabilities all remain challenges for organizations using WordPress.

This white paper outlines some common causes of WordPress vulnerabilities and offers guidelines on securing WordPress installations.

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Build fully customizable and granular rules based upon multiple request attributes such as user-agent, path, country, query string, IP address, and more, to stop emerging and sophisticated threats.

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Prevent downtime and unavailability with Cloudflare’s global Anycast network spanning 200 cities across 95 countries, and offering a scalable infrastructure backbone.

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