ScoopWhoop uses Cloudflare to ease bandwidth costs while improving website performance.


ScoopWhoop Media is an Internet media company that reaches out to over 30 million users every month. It runs three different publications, ScoopWhoop, Vagabomb and GazabPost, which feature content ranging from local news, to travel, to sports and food.

ScoopWhoop’s Challenge: A Large Media Company with Large Media Files

With 380 million content views in total across all of their platforms, ScoopWhoop delivers a massive amount of content to their users. In addition, ScoopWhoop strives to ensure their content is top quality, meaning they choose to offer users high-resolution, large image files instead of highly compressed, low-fidelity images. However, as the number of their users continued to skyrocket and the content on their site continued to grow in size, ScoopWhoop’s bandwidth bills and infrastructure costs similarly increased. Building out their own infrastructure would mean taking engineering resources away from building out their core product and would also mean continuing to pay for the expensive bandwidths bills as the in-house solution took time to build. So, ScoopWhoop searched for a content delivery partner to ease their bandwidth load and ensure a fast, premium experience for all end-users.

ScoopWhoop’s Solution: A Powerful, Easy-to-Use Network

ScoopWhoop found Cloudflare’s Network to be the exact solution for their challenge. Cloudflare’s CDN now caches and serves ScoopWhoop’s content from data centers in over 250 cities around the world. In turn, ScoopWhoop saves over 84% on bandwidth, while improving the performance of their sites and applications.

ScoopWhoop also made use of Cloudflare’s Page Rules and Website Optimization features to further improve the performance of their site. Cloudflare’s Mirage Image optimization decreases image load time by serving two versions of an image: a virtualized image that’s as small as 1% the size of the original and the high-quality original. As the page loads, Cloudflare serves the virtualized image, giving the end user a fully interactive web page, while the high-resolutions images load.

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Cloudflare offers a slew of customizable solutions and a great UI that makes it really easy to configure and deploy. Plus, the excellent security features mean fewer headaches for us and lets us focus on our core business.

Debarshi Banerjee
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer