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Cloudflare Pro Benefits

  • Faster Customer Support
    Enjoy faster response from customer support. Our support team is ready to help you with whatever you need 24/7/365.
  • Web Application Firewall
    Defend your site from attacks with Cloudflare’s always-learning rulesets.
  • Universal SSL
    Enable HTTPS compatible with all web browsers. Improve user experience, SEO rank, and conversions by preventing your site from being labeled as "not secure".
  • Automatic Speed Optimizations
    Get automatic mobile and image optimization to make your website perform better.
  • DNS Security
    Protect your DNS from being compromised and get a speed boost for free.
  • Advanced Controls
    Customize your account security and performance. Features like Zone Lockdown and Page Rules put control in your hands.

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Step 1: Log in to Cloudflare Step 2: Choose ‘Change Plan’ under Subscriptions Step 3: Select Pro, confirm purchase, and start using your new Pro features

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