Protect your site from bad bots with Super Bot Fight Mode

Cloudflare's simple but powerful controls and analytics for bot mitigation start at only $20/mo. Manage bots with speed and accuracy by harnessing the data from approximately 25 million Internet properties on Cloudflare.

Using machine learning across millions of websites, Cloudflare was able to immediately identify unauthorized bots that were abusing our website. Their mitigation strategies block bots without impacting real users - our false-positive rate is now less than 0.01%."

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Get granular control over bot traffic

Control different types of automated traffic, with options to challenge or block traffic from automated sources, the option to enable JavaScript Detections to identify headless browsers and other actors on the Internet, and options to include or exclude verified bots.

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Rich reporting and analytics

Improve your security posture by understanding, analyzing, and learning from automated traffic in the dashboard with our Bot Report and Bot Analytics.

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Threat intelligence for all types of bot attacks

Cloudflare uses a curated subset of billions of requests per day for machine learning, behavioral analysis, and fingerprinting from approximately 25 million Internet properties to accurately classify bots. It does not generate or store device fingerprints, eliminating the risk of user privacy being compromised.

Credential and credit card stuffing

Exposes your application to account takeovers and breaches of sensitive customer data and puts your ability to accept payments at risk.

Content scraping

Hurts your site's SEO ranking and increases margin pressures from competitors.

Application DDoS

Slows sites for visitors while wasting bandwidth and compute resources

Getting started is easy

Get started with Cloudflare in three easy steps. It only takes 5 minutes.


Pick a plan

Choose one of our three plans depending on the level of functionality and support you need.


Update your name servers

Make a quick change to your DNS settings.


Activate Bot Fight features

Activate Cloudflare features in minutes to take advantage of bot mitigation and reporting features.

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Plans and Pricing

Get started for free, or upgrade to unlock Super Bot Fight Mode


Access to basic bot mitigation

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What's Included

  • Fast, easy-to-use DNS
  • Free automated SSL certificates
  • Web Analytics
  • Global CDN (200+ locations)
  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • Up to 100K worker requests and 30 scripts
  • 3 Page Rules


Best for businesses who want granular Bot Analytics and more control over bot traffic settings

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What's Included

Everything in Pro PLUS:

  • Bot Analytics with a more detailed breakdown of automated traffic over time
  • Filter bot traffic by IP address, user agent, and more
  • Machine Learning for traffic analysis
  • 50 Page Rules
  • Real-time DDoS Alerts for PagerDuty
  • Prioritized 24x7x365 customer support
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